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不用再担心垃圾邮件,广告邮件,黑客和机器人攻击。让您真实的邮箱保持干净和安全。Temp Mail提供临时、安全、匿名、免费的一次性电子邮件地址。

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一次性电子邮件 - 是一项服务,允许在经过一段时间后自毁的临时地址接收电子邮件。 它也被称为:tempmail,10minutemail,一次性电子邮件,假邮件或垃圾邮件。 许多论坛,Wi-Fi所有者,网站和博客要求访问者注册,然后才能查看内容,发表评论或下载内容。 Temp-mail - 是最先进的免费电子邮件服务,可帮助您避免垃圾邮件并保持安全。


  • Why Should You Choose Instead of Its Competitors?

    Finding a platform that allows you to create an anonymous email address is not really a problem, but not every single site of this type can satisfy your needs and provide the highest level of convenience and privacy. At, we’re focused on offering the most reliable and fast disundefined

  • How to stay anonymous on the Internet and why you need it

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    Despite the rapid development of social media and targeted ads, email is the most effective tool to communicate with the potential customers. In fact, the task of the beginner web marketer consists of 3 small steps leading to a success:  the creation of a well-optimized website, the promotiundefined

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    Mobile games are perfect when you have some spare time or feel boring. Many best-selling projects that had millions of fans among PC gamers have been ported to Android and iOS platforms. There is also a large number of unique, fun-filled games, for example, Angry Birds.Minecraft, GTA, Fahreundefined

  • Disposable email for a Social media (Facebook, etc...)

    Every time, you want to create account on some forum or social media, like Facebook, you have to enter information about your e-mail box to get an activation link. Unfortunately, after registration, this social media sends you dozens of messages with useless information, which you are not iundefined

  • Why Do We Need a Temporary Email

    When we discover that an anonymous email exists, we do not fully understand how usefulness it can be. And the most important question is, “Why do we need a temporary email, if we already have regular email service providers (,, …)?” If both the regular emails and anonymouundefined

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