Temp Mail - Disposable email plugin for Google Chrome

Temp Mail - Disposable email plugin for Google Chrome

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Many users think the following:

“Surfing the Internet and staying anonymous is impossible”“Online security is a myth”“You cannot make away with spammers”

These messages are fundamentally wrong and are easily disproved by people who use special software and services such as Temp Mail – Anonymous Temporary Email. This service facilitates activities on the Internet. Temp Mail generates a temporary email address that can be specified in registration forms on doubtful websites, without having to reveal a primary email address. Anonymous email is available without any limits and registration.

Protecting real email with Temp Mail for Chrome

Google Chrome users can add a special extension called Temp Mail – Temporary Disposable Email to streamline interaction with the temporary email service. The extension can be installed here:

Temp Mail is installed with a single click by pressing the Add to Chrome button. After the installation is complete, a special button indicating the Temp Mail service now appears at the top right corner of the browser, near the address line. No configuration settings are required and a user may start using the temporary email immediately. Clicking on the button displays a current anonymous email address and the number of unread messages. The current address is easily replaced with a new one with the left-click on the Change button.

Clicking the Inbox button, a user is taken to a special webpage that shows the list of emails. Each email, when opened, displays the body of the message and the sender. The emails are stored on the server for one hour and are then deleted without the option to restore them. A user may clear the list of incoming messages at any time, if needed.

The installed anonymous email service extension for Google Chrome will enable a user to check for incoming messages without having to visit the website.

Anonymous email features

The Temp Mail service is currently available in 29 languages in a web version, and as a multilingual Android app and browser plugins (Chrome). A user may choose any of the nine preferred domains for the email address. The list includes some eye-catching domains such as @12storage.com, @gafy.net, @vps911.net, etc. The assigned email address can be easily changed to a new one by clicking the Change button in a dedicated section of the website; for example, superhero@12storage.com, amin@gafy.net, etc.

Benefits of disposable email:

  • protection from getting into spammers’ lists and junk mail blacklists;
  • hiding of a real email address from fraudsters;
  • protection from phishing;
  • secured downloading of e-books and software that require a user to leave his email address.
  • one-time receipt of messages from doubtful senders.

How to stay anonymous in Chrome?

Privatix VPN is a great service that hides a user’s IP and protects browser-transferred data. Furthermore, the VPN provided by Privatix is free. It comes without irritating ads and banners that are often found in many VPN services of today.

To install the Privatix VPN, a user must add a Chrome extension:

After a successful installation, a user may connect to any of the four free countries: the Netherlands, the United States, United Kingdom and Singapore.

The browser traffic will become encrypted and the real IP will be changed (check the IP address on http://ipleak.com).

Keeping privacy with Privatix is easy and efficient

Privatix is one of the best, high-quality VPN services out there. A bigger selection of countries and unlimited opportunities are available on the Privatix Premium VPN account that is offered at around the same cost as a cup of coffee.

Platforms compatible with Privatix:
Apps: Android / iOS