Temporary email address: Now for Android

Temporary email address: Now for Android

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Most websites require registration before giving full access to a user, and the details required in registration forms include, amongst others, an email address. Leaving a real email address on little-known websites, a user runs the risk of getting a barrage of junk emails. The Temp Mail service that is available now for Android devices is here to help.

Temp Mail on Android

Temp Mail developers have rolled out an Android-compatible application to make the mobile experience even easier.

Link to the Google Play page that features the downloadable official app:

On registering, a user is assigned a temporary email address.

You can change this email anytime by clicking the Change button above the address.

There are two buttons under the address: Create new and Copy. Clicking the first button will generate a new custom address instead of the one that was offered first. Clicking the Copy button will copy the email address to the clipboard.

The app is available in a plenty of languages, including (but not limited to) English, Spanish, Russian, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Japanese, Greek and Hebrew. The default language for the application is selected based on the language of a user’s device.

Emails are stored for one hour. After that they are deleted and cannot be restored. So the service comes in handy when a user is signing up on websites.

The Temp Mail application maintains a user’s anonymity when creating an account on websites, enabling them to hide a real IP address and not to give out a personal email.

Benefits of anonymous email services

  1. No personal data is required to receive a temporary email address. A user must download and install the app on Android, and nothing more.
  2. The address is changed in a single click.
  3. A temporary email address is in no way linked to other accounts of the user.
  4. A wide assortment of regularly updated domains (@gafy.net, @12hosning.net and many more).
  5. A user is entitled to remove his email address at any time. All data, including IP addresses, are cleared as well.
  6. A user may select any username for the email address, for example, johnny_c@12hosting.net, motocross@12hosting.net, etc. The feature is available only in the web version.

Note: The feature of sending messages via the application or the browse-based service is disabled to prevent scams. Thesoftwarecanreceivemessagesonly.

Reasons of using a disposable email address

There are many situations where a user may need the Temp Mail service:

  • Anonymous email saves a user from spam. The real email address of the user will remain unknown for spammers and fraudsters involved in phishing.
  • The service is perfect when a user is going to sign up at and get access to doubtful websites for any reason.
  • Downloading of e-books and software that are open for downloading but ask a user to leave his email address.
  • Every time a user needs to get any kind of response from someone but prefers not to reveal his real email address.
  • Many other situations.

Note: Disposable email guards a user anonymity and saves time. Registration of fake accounts for temporary use on popular websites is getting increasingly harder. A user is forced to fill in numerous fields in a registration form. In many services (e.g., Google), a user is required to specify his real number of a mobile phone to confirm registration. Temp Mail requires NONE of the mentioned. Registration is performed automatically or in a single click.

VPN + Temp Mail = total anonymity

The guaranteed online anonymity is not a problem if the Temp Mail service is utilized in conjunction with the VPN, which enables a user to hide his real IP address. This service is free on Privatix.com. The developers applied their best efforts to make the service easy and user-friendly, with no pesky adverts and with high connection speeds. The VPN provided by Privatix will unblock any blocked website, encrypt traffic and protect your PC or handheld device from intrusions and malware.

Privatix services are compatible with Android: