The development of present-day society has brought us a plenty of technologies aimed at streamlining the life of a common person. Dozens of new applications emerge every day, which are of great interest to both pros and normal users. In the 21st century, electronic books have become a prominent technical innovation but just a few years ago they were a novelty and beyond the purse of many. Finally, people realized it would be more sensible to buy a single gadget than many dozens of printed books.

Problems with downloading electronic books

  To install your favorite literary work on your gadget, you need to find an installation file on any of hundreds of Internet resources, and this is when book lovers face certain problems. Typically, a website requires a user to enter their valid email address for security purposes or due to copyright concerns, and some websites even send a link to the personal email address and ask users to follow it. Unfortunately, this withholds most visitors from downloading or buying an e-book. The main demotivating factor is that users do not want to disclose their personal details or receive spam messages that are sent out in large numbers by many Internet portals.

  Submitting a regular email address during registration can cause later some minor troubles such as pesky spam that litters your inbox. Some people try to use their electronic mail only for business and work, and avoid specifying their valid email address anywhere, since any message that has nothing to do with work annoys (at best) or slows down business processes.

  In these situations, one should consider an alternative to using regular email addresses and temporary email is the best solution in this regard. On completing a desired operation, the user can delete the temporary email box. There are a few web resources that provide anonymous email services, and is definitely one of the best.


Temporary email: Choice No1 for avid readers

  Just one click of a mouse is needed to use a new email box, and it will take you a few clicks to create an email address. The intuitive interface is easy-to-understand even for those new to the website. A temporary email address has a unique name, and no user will be granted the address that has once been assigned to the other.

A disposable email address is an ultimate solution for the users who are going to download an electronic book from the website that requires entering an email address. Thus, the book lover will quickly install the selected book on their device without exposing their regular email address. is a great service that guarantees user’s confidentiality and has no time-consuming registration forms. The temporary electronic mail provided on this website is going to be a user’s favorite tool for downloading various files.
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