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不用再担心垃圾邮件,广告邮件,黑客和机器人攻击。让您真实的邮箱保持干净和安全。Temp Mail提供临时、安全、匿名、免费的一次性电子邮件地址。

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一次性电子邮件 - 是一项服务,允许在经过一段时间后自毁的临时地址接收电子邮件。 它也被称为:tempmail,10minutemail,一次性电子邮件,假邮件或垃圾邮件。 许多论坛,Wi-Fi所有者,网站和博客要求访问者注册,然后才能查看内容,发表评论或下载内容。 Temp-mail - 是最先进的免费电子邮件服务,可帮助您避免垃圾邮件并保持安全。


  • Disposable Email: Say ‘No’ to Spam

    We receive spam daily – dozens of needless and irritating email messages that hamper our work and annoy. Furthermore, spam poses a potential threat of hooking personal information. A seemingly harmless email sent by a ‘bank’ or ‘internet provider’ can turn out to be dangerous. Whyundefined

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  • Why Should You Choose Instead of Its Competitors?

    Finding a platform that allows you to create an anonymous email address is not really a problem, but not every single site of this type can satisfy your needs and provide the highest level of convenience and privacy. At, we’re focused on offering the most reliable and fast disundefined

  • Who and for what purposes uses temporary mail?

    There is only small percentage of huge international services in the Internet that demand full personalization in the process of registration emphasizing on full name input and bound such information with telephone number. Other 99% of internet resources offer to write only e-mail while regundefined

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