ExtraTorrent ranks second by popularity among international torrent trackers. As compared to Pirate Bay, Extra Torrent is stuffed full of advertisements, though one can keep on surfing it without any problem after closing all pop-up windows. The number of active users is fantastic, with 1000+ new torrents published daily. To obtain full access to all features of the torrent system, a visitor needs to register, which is quick and easy. The website has two domain names; the main URL is extratorrent.cc. Upon registration, a user is automatically redirected to the short name, extra.to. A user is encouraged to utilize the Temp Mail anonymous email service to hide personal details when creating an account on ExtraTorrent.

How to register with Temp Mail on ExtraTorrent

Types of content on ExtraTorrent

This is a multi-content BitTorrent that incorporates different categories including:

  • feature films, documentaries, series and animated cartoons
  • TV programs and shows
  • MP3/FLAC music;
  • anime;
  • games (on different languages)
  • books (mainly, in English)
  • apps for Windows, Linux and MAC (not everyone likes to pay for software)
  • pics and photos (wallpaper pictures, photo collections, girls, etc.)
  • apps for mobile devices
  • adult video
  • other torrents.

ExtraTorrent is often the first place where releasers choose to post brand new content that is then disseminated to other torrent trackers. Just type in the Temp Mail web address when creating your account on the BitTorrent and enjoy all of its features.

Benefits of registering on ExtraTorrent

Signing up on ExtraTorrent, you will gain access to all features of the portal and use it to full extent. ExtraTorrent has a big user community. If English is your native language, you will easily find there new friends and chat on different topics with like-minded people. In case of any issue, you can easily get in touch with moderators and administrators who are always there to help.

Registered users are entitled to:

  • release torrent files
  • view stats
  • hide 18+ content
  • hide dead torrents (torrents with 0 seeds)
  • customize the interface
  • show and hide private torrents
  • select the number of torrents displayed per page (10 to 100)
  • and much more.

How to register securely on ExtraTorrent using Temp Mail

When registering on the torrent tracker, you should consider privacy and safety. Specifying your active email address during the registration, you submit important personal information to the other party. If your email address has some linked accounts in social media, messengers and e-wallets, you can become an easy target for scammers.

Your email will be subject to unsolicited emails (also known as spam). Popular websites, including BitTorrent portals, claim they never transfer user data to third parties; however, the truth is rather different.

Use the Temp Mail disposable email service to protect yourself completely from spammers and cheats.

How to get registered:

  1. Visit temp-mail.org to receive a temporary email address. Copy the email address generated by default or choose the one to your liking.

    registering on ExtraTorrent with Temp Mail

  2. Visit extratorrent.cc and enter required details into the registration form. In the E-mail address field, specify the anonymous email you have received in Stage 1 above (for example, torrentz@katztube.com). Confirm registration. 

    extratorrent.cc registration with temporary email

  3. You will be sent an email with a verification link that you should follow to complete registration. Follow the link. 

    email with a verification link that you should follow to complete registration

  4. You will be automatically redirected to the extra.to portal, where you are to enter your login and password. 

    Registration on Extratorrent with disposable email is complete

  5. Registration is complete. Now you can change settings and make use of a plethora of features available on ExtraTorrent.The page of a new account looks like that:


Registration unlocks numerous user-adjustable options:


Pros of using Temp Mail anonymous email and Privatix VPN

Temp Mail service will help you safeguard your privacy from unauthorized use. Your active email remains out of sight, and you will avoid being spotted by spammers, network scammers and phishers.

The free VPN/Proxy service from Privatix.com will hide your IP address and real location when you register on torrent websites. Therefore, it would be much harder for copyright holders who go after active torrent users, to identify you.

Pros of using Temp-Mail anonymous email and Privatix VPN

Privatix VPN and Temp Mail guarantee complete safety and anonymity on the Internet.

Choose any of the following options to download Privatix:

  1. Browser extensions (Chrome / Firefox / Opera)

  2. Windows / MacOS applications

  3. Android / iOS applications

For easy use of Temp Mail disposable email service, install any of the following:

  1. Temp Mail plug-in for Chrome / Opera / Firefox

  2. Temp Mail application for Android / iOS
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