Torrent trackers offer a plethora of software, films, series, games, music, to name but a few, and they are still operating despite extensive efforts to block them in many countries. Some torrent trackers flourish and bring generous income to their founders, from advertising and other sources, which allows users to get any needed content at no cost.

The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, RARBG and other worldwide famous trackers provide the hassle-free access to everyone. However, using this kind of services bears certain risks. Absolutely safe and secure activities are possible if registering in torrent portals via Temp Mail complemented by the VPN service. Keep on reading to find out more.

Temp Mail service features

Temp Mail is the anonymous disposable email service. On entering the website, a user obtains a temporary email address that can be utilized for receiving messages for any unlimited time.

Temporary email - Temp Mail

  Anonymous email benefits:

  • Instant receipt of emails from any sources.

  • The service is able to receive messages. The option of sending messages is not available for security purposes and to avoid fraudulent actions.

  • A great selection of domain names for a temporary email address:,,, and others.

  • A user may select any username, like or, and change it whenever desired.

  • The service is translated into 29 languages;

  • Available as an Android application and Google Chrome extension, both designed to inform a user of new incoming emails.

  Temp Mail is most often used when registering on websites, including torrent trackers. Hiding a real email address is based on security reasons since spammers, phishers and other fraudsters will not be able to get access to your real email.


Registration on torrent trackers and security

  Many popular torrent portals ask users to complete registration to get full access to website features. There is no need to enter a real email address; instead, specifying an anonymous email address is much safer.

Safe registration on torrents with the temporary email

Why to use Temp Mail registering on torrent trackers?

  Combating online piracy is still under way. Leaving your real email address on compromised websites, you will risk getting into trouble if the email address becomes known to competent authorities. Further to that, websites require conformation of your email address. Clicking a confirmation link, you send your IP address tied to your email address to the website that has requested it from you. By doing this, you enable authorized bodies to identify yourself, thus, they can track the files you have downloaded, if necessary. It involves trouble since today there are numerous criminal cases filed against people who share and download files from torrent websites.

Use Temp Mail to register on torrent websites and you would avoid any trouble whatever!

How to create an account on torrent sites using Temp Mail

We are going to show you how to get access to all torrent tracker features using the anonymous email service, as exemplified by, a popular themed portal.

Open the Temp Mail website and enter the URL of the website you want to create the account at. The email will be used below as an example.

Click Login >> Register.

fast registration with

Enter your username, email and password provided by the Anonymous Email Service, and click Signup.

Registration at the torrents site

  You will receive an email containing a button that must be clicked to confirm registration. Clicking it will open the website where you have just created the account.

Checking disposable email

  After the confirmation, you automatically enter the website under your username.

Succesfull registration with the temporary email -

We have created a new account without disclosing our real email address.

Top 3 torrent portals in 2017

The Pirate Bay ( is one of the most top-ranked torrent trackers all over the world, with a deep history. Copyright holders made countless vain attempts to close the website but the Pirate Bay has survived attacks and keeps on growing. This is a true ‘King of Torrents’ and the first place you should visit in searching for the most recent media content.

Established a few years ago, ExtraTorrent ( enjoys ever-increasing popularity. The ET community is one of the most extensive and populated, which makes it a perfect place both for downloading new films, games and music, and for communication. ETTV and ETRG, popular release groups, use ExtraTorrent as the site for publishing their releases.

RARBG ( is a Bulgarian torrent tracker and the best-in-class site for pirate video content. Other portals often post the films and other content tagged as RARBG. Founded in 2008, the website made it to top ten global torrent trackers in 2015.  
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