If you’re an active Internet user, you know that these days it’s difficult to find websites and forums with useful information that don’t require you to register an account using your email address. While it’s not difficult to do, there is one major downside to leaving your email on such websites, and that is spam. Even if the site claims that they will never share you address with the third parties or sell it, you can never be one hundred percent confident. Luckily, there is a way to avoid dealing with the piles of unwanted letters in your inbox – disposable email.

What are the most common types of spam?

With all the sites on the Internet fighting for your attention, it can never hurt to be careful. Some of the most common categories of spam that you can encounter include:

  • Advertising health services and medications (skin care, weight loss, and more)
  • Adult content
  • Spam letters offering loans, insurance, debt reductions, and other financial services
  • Educational seminars, master classes, and online courses
  • Spam emails focused on selling computer-related products – software, apps, and hardware
While the developers of your email claim that the spam filters get improved on a regular basis, the same applies to those who create spam letters, which means that your email address is never completely safe. You don’t even have to visit a medical site to start getting drugs advertisements because selling email addresses to other parties is extremely common. By setting up a fake email, you have an opportunity to keep your personal email address clean and free of the irritating letters that you have to delete constantly.

Spam is not always as harmless as you think

Getting the emails you don’t need is far from pleasant, but there is another danger that often comes with such letters – viruses. If you get tricked into opening a letter, there is a chance that it contains viruses, which are hidden in the attachments or you can get them by accidently clicking on the link.

Not entering your email address anywhere is certainly not an option, because you will significantly limit your browsing experience and won’t be able to get access to the information that you need. If you want to protect your privacy on the Internet and your computer from all types of malware, the best way to do that is by using temporary mail addresses. It is a free and fast way to protect your online email that doesn’t require any complicated steps.

How to use Temporary Mail:

  • When you open the site, you can see the new email address generated for you at the top of the screen. It is an anonymous email service, so it’s only natural that you don’t need to register and enter your personal data.

  • To quickly send your address to someone or enter it on a certain website, click a convenient Copy button and then paste wherever you need.

  • If you don’t like how your email looks or you need it to be more professional, you can go for a different one by clicking the Change button. Here you will be able to enter the login you want and choose from six different domains. As simple as that!

  • Once you give your address to someone or use it for registration, your letters will be sent to your new temp mail and listed on the home page by the sender and subject.

  • To read the actual letter, click the green arrow – View.

  • When you open an email you’ve received, you have a choice to delete it or if you consider it important – save to your computer.
Disposable email is your best friend when browsing the Internet, and you don’t need to take any special steps to use it. The simplicity of use, convenience, and protection are the main things we are focused on delivering to our users.
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