1. How to get access to blocked websites.
  2. Advantages of free Privatix VPN / Proxy service.
  3. Bypassing blocks on Android, iOS and Windows using Privatix VPN.
  4. Temp Mail - temporary anonymous email service.
  5. Temporary email app for Android / iOS.
  6. Temporary email extension for Chrome, Opera and Firefox.
  7. Privatix VPN / Proxy extension for bypassing blocks in Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

How to get around internet filters imposed by providers and get access to your favorite websites and social networking sites. Privatix VPN and Temp-Mail anonymous email service are an efficient and free solution to the problem. How can these tools be helpful for you?

How to get access to blocked websites

The tools specified in the title will help you get access to your preferred websites that are blocked by your internet provider or higher-level regulatory bodies. You needn’t look hard to find examples. The government of Ukraine (a former USSR country) has recently issued a decree forbidding Ukrainian users to access some Russian social networks (VKontakte and Odnoklassniki), services and search engines. Internet providers were obliged to block those web resources.

We believe everyone has the right to choose which websites to visit. In view of this, we have developed the Privatix VPN and Temp-Mail free services that will help any user to regain access to any blocked website, no matter a user’s location. Furthermore, the Temp-Mail anonymous email service allows you to sign up with various sites, keeping your private data confidential. Keep on reading to find out how to make the most out of these services.

Advantages of free Privatix VPN / Proxy service

  • A 100% free protection on the internet

  • Absolute anonymity

  • No registration required for using the service

  • Suitable for users of any country (e.g., Ukraine) for bypassing blocks and getting access to websites

  • Fast page download time

  • Privatix VPN plugins for Chrome/Firefox/Opera.

  • Android / iOS apps for unblocking websites

  • No computer skills are needed to configure the service. Privatix selects the connection protocol automatically and bypasses blocks of any complexity

  • The service beats internet censorship filters.

Bypassing blocks on Android, iOS and Windows using Privatix VPN

Android users can install a special mobile app Privatix VPN that can be downloaded from the official website:

Download Privatix VPN from Google Play:

Privatix VPN - Fast and Easy privacy protection

Almost 80% users awarded the application the highest rank. The application is ready for work immediately after it has been downloaded and installed.

Privatix VPN is an easy-to-use application ­– all you have to do is to click the  On Off  button. On turning the app on, the network traffic will be transported through Privatix secure servers in an encrypted form, and this will not slow down the page download time. We are constantly tracking quality of our service to prevent any lags and errors.

Privatix VPN free app - Fast and Easy privacy protection for Android

After you have installed the application, open it and click the Connect button. The server selection window will open, with the connection button at the bottom. Click the button, and you will get access to all blocked websites.

Privatix VPN - unblock any blocked websites, protect WiFi and ensure online securityPrivatix VPN - unblock any blocked websites, protect WiFi and ensure online security

The app functions similarly on iOS devices.

Download Privatix VPN app for iOS.

Download a desktop version of Privatix VPN for Windows.

On downloading and installing the app, you need to click the connection button, and then visit any blocked website from any browser or Windows application without any restrictions.

User who run a free version of the application sometimes see a message that all servers are overloaded at the moment. If this is the case, you need to wait a few seconds until the app establishes a connection, after which the service will function hassle-free for one hour. Users of the Premium version do not face that problem.

The free version of Privatix VPN selects the most suitable server automatically. In the Premium version, the user is given the option of selecting the server.

Privatix VPN - Premium - unblock any blocked websites, protect WiFi and ensure online security

In the main menu, you can activate a trial Premium mode for 7 days to test all service features, which will allow you to enjoy the full set of features for one week without any limitations whatever.

How can you benefit from the Premium mode? You will be able to pick from many countries you want to tunnel your internet connection through. You will enjoy high connection rate and no limits. Further to that, up to five different devices can be associated with a single account.

Buying the Premium version, you contribute to a better world and make the internet accessible to more people, since Premium users help us improve the software, making it faster and more reliable.

Privatix Premium advantages:

Privatix VPN - Premium advantages


Temp Mail - temporary anonymous email service

Along with Privatix VPN, we offer you to use the Temp Mail anonymous email service that provides free email addresses at various domain zones (refurhost.com, micsocks.net, etc.) for temporary use. The listing of available domains is regularly updated: new domains are added and inactive ones are removed from the selection.

Temp-Mail.org - temporary email service

Temp-Mail service requires no registration. You will receive a valid email address immediately upon visiting the temporary email website. The address generated by the system can be changed, if desired (alex@refurhost.com, jack@micsocks.net, etc.)

The service is configured to accept incoming messages only. The user can sign up on torrent trackers, online games and various websites that are of doubtful origin, without having to specify a personal email address. You just fill in the temporary email address in the registration form of any website. To finalize the registration, the website can send you a verification email, which will appear in the Incoming box of your temporary email address. Click the confirmation link to complete registration.

Quick facts about Temp-Mail disposable email service:

  • The email address has no expiration date

  • Incoming messages are stored on the server for one hour only.

  • The email address can be easily changed into any other

  • User can delete the email address at any time, and every trace of your internet activities will be cleaned

  • Developers are welcome to use the service API.

Temporary email app for Android / iOS

Try our temporary email app for Android / iOS handheld devices.

Download the apps on:
Temporary email application for Android (Google Play)
Temporary email application for iOS (App Store)

The Temp-Mail app looks as follows:

Temporary anonymous email mobile app for Android / iOS

In the address line you will see your temporary email address. Clicking the Change button will replace the current address with a new one. Having the application installed, you will receive notifications on new messages as soon as they are in your incoming box.

Temporary email extension for Chrome, Opera and Firefox

The features available for Temp Mail service users have been put in place in Chrome/Opera/Firefox plugins. All of them work in the same way.

Download the disposable email plugin for Opera
Download the disposable email plugin for Chrome
Download the disposable email plugin for Firefox

Adding the extension to Chrome:

Temporary email extension for Chrome browser

A temporary email icon will be indicated at the top right corner of your browser after the plugin has been installed. The plugin informs you on new emails by showing a respective number that corresponds to the number of new incoming messages.

Temporary email extension for Chrome

The same features are available in Opera and Firefox plugins.


Privatix VPN / Proxy extension for bypassing blocks in Chrome, Opera and Firefox

Use the VPN Privatix service if you do not want someone else to dictate you which websites to visit and which to avoid. We have released user-friendly plugins for all major browsers that can be downloaded from the official website of our service:

Privatix VPN / Proxy extension for bypassing blocks

The Privatix VPN plugin will help you bypass even the most complicated blocks, regardless of your location.

Adding the extension to Chrome:

Privatix VPN / Proxy extension for bypassing blocks in Chrome

The same browser extension is also available for Opera and Firefox.

To add the extension to your browser, click Add, and Install. After a successful installation, the Shield icon will be indicated at the top left corner of the browser. Clicking the icon opens the plugin window.

Privatix VPN / Proxy extension

Privatix - free VPN / Proxy for bypassing blocks in Chrome, Opera and Firefox

At the bottom right corner of the application, there is a green switch button that turns the plugin on/off. The button is green when the plugin is activated, meaning that the traffic is protected and all websites are unblocked.

The Original Location field shows your real location (country). Below is shown the country that you are connected through (the U.S., in our example), and clicking the arrow near the country name shows a drop-down menu that contains a country list that you can pick from. In a trial version of Privatix, three countries are available only. Premium version users can connect through any of 15+ countries.


We hope the review was helpful for you. Use Temp-Mail and Privatix VPN, and enjoy unlimited access to your favorite sites!
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